“Xochi is a kind, patient, and wise teacher. In private lessons, she helped me to notice where I held tension; releasing it relieved many pains. I won't ever forget the first time Xochi helped align my standing posture because, suddenly, I could breathe so freely. Every lesson included a "lie down," a safe and easy way to be properly aligned posture-wise. This practice greatly reduced my pain from neck tension and helped me to relax. This is a powerful resting pose you can practice between lessons.
I am thankful that Xochi introduced me to the Alexander Technique. Through the self awareness she helped my develop, I am able to ride my bicycle again and move with more ease so that tension gets fewer opportunities to intrude on my life. Thank you!”

-Ann Thering

“The Alexander Technique , as taught by Xochi John, showed me ease in sitting, standing, and other fundamental movements. The approach and results proved subtle, yet very powerful.”

-Lucas Malson

"Working with Xochi through the Alexander Technique and Yoga has become an indispensable resource and support for me. I feel like I could write a book about how much I love this work and how I have grown as a result of it! Over the last six months, I have surrendered layer upon layer of ways that I’d been trying to force or keep it all together. I’ve truly realized how much of this I was still holding in my body! After the first lessons, my more acute aches and pains faded away. After a few months, a more persistent, guarded pattern in my low back released, and has not returned. This was HUGE! I had worked with this using many different modalities, and it was a deep rooted pattern. The consistency of the Alexander Technique support, and the space Xochi provided helped unlock this. Perhaps, even more important for me has been the visceral and spiritual depth of this work. Alexander Technique has helped me to feel the rich personal growth work I have been cultivating over the years integrating in my body. I trust the universe and feel supported to an extent I haven’t before. I feel ease, and joy, and that I really can let go, literally and figuratively, more than I had originally trained myself, and I won’t fall. Not only will I not fall, but I can feel resilient, full of life, and buoyant! Receiving lessons from Xochi was a key element in helping me move through a very significant, and needed, career transition with hope, trust, composure, and ease. Xochi’s kindness, gentleness, openness, and ability to hold multiple possibilities and experiences at once without judgement is invaluable. Diving into exploring yoga through her lens of the Alexander Technique has helped me connect and ground within the postures in a way I have never been able to before, throughout the 15 years I have been practicing yoga. I remember getting all sorts of cues in other classes, and videos for home practice (tuck in ribs, rotate arms outward, etc), but it wasn’t until a class with Xochi that my body was able to experience what those suggestions actually meant. Bringing these principles into practice on the mat, has helped me to apply this sense of ease and connection to myself even more fully “in the wild.” I love this work so much, I have been shouting it from the rooftops! I hope to continue to work with Xochi for a long time. It is worth it, and something that anyone questioning, “Why am I doing it this way? Maybe there is any other way? Can life really feel good, and am I really allowed? Do I really have to try so hard?” If you are asking any of these questions about how you feel physically, or how you move through life, then you know it is time for go see Xochi. You will be SO relieved with the answers you find."

-Sarah Barlow, Reiki Master Teacher 

"I have loved working with Xochi. I have discovered (and remembered) so much about how my body can find it's natural alignment; how I can work with gravity and my anatomy to find a greater sense of ease.

Since I started to work with Xochi in private Alexander Technique sessions, I have found a whole host of ways that the work integrates into my daily life. I am more aware of myself as I stand, sit and engage in daily tasks like riding my bike, working on the computer or preparing food. This awareness has helped to bring a greater sense of ease and freedom to my movements. I'm grateful for the awareness that this practice has opened for me and the sessions with Xochi have been really powerful. She is clear in her language and her hands-on work feels equally lucid. I trust her guidance and have enjoyed the ways she has nurtured my own sense of curiosity about my body in space and advised me towards a greater sense of poise and possibility in movement. 

The process of meeting with Xochi for one-to-one Alexander Technique sessions has been really lovely. I always learn something about how I use my body, about how I can choose different options and in the process discover ways to alleviate tension. I almost always feel hopeful at the end of a session. There's this sense that there are so many options, so many possibilities. It's like a movement practice that absolutely translates into a life practice." 

-Marina Kelly, Artist

"Xochi skillfully guides her students toward the awareness needed to shift the way we occupy our bodies in subtle but significant ways. Her deep listening skills and hands-on approach in teaching combine to create a highly approachable and effective pathway to healthy organization in the body. Xochi is a clear, gentle, and consistent guide whose approach has helped me find very tangible ways to support my body's natural structure and reduce pain caused by existing postural patterns. What I love about AT is that it isn't a form of body work that is simply done to me by a practitioner trying to fix my problems. Instead, it is a collaborative process between student and practitioner of developing tools to be in one's body in ways that support continued wellness over time. I highly recommend Xochi as a collaborator and guide in your healing process!"

-Annie Zylstra, Community song leader

“You don't have to understand the Alexander technique, in fact, don't even try, because at its essence is a subconscious and physical shift of a new understanding. One of ease and renewed movement patterns, awakening a truth of self within our structure. The guidance is simple, direct, gentle, and taught with confidence. Be uncertain, be open, be curious, and receive this work knowing you are in good hands. Thanks Xochi for bringing this to our community.”

-Andy Hanson

“I honestly can say that our yoga/AT session yesterday was subtle yet strong.
I climbed this morning and my body felt very different, aware of how I no longer was holding habitually which made me use my body differently.

Even standing and treating clients this morning has been different. I feel less effort with my posture and I have a greater sense of ease.
All great things to be aware of."

-Erika Anderson, LAc

"AT is the process of me observing myself. 

When I was in college I was constantly dealing with injuries from playing guitar. When I began practicing again recently, a new injury popped up which I believe was from playing guitar. Going to such an intense school, I never felt like there was anytime to slow down and figure out why I got injured. I tried to remedy it, but I never looked at the root of the injury, I never took time to observe my habits in order to figure how I could prevent injury, how I could/ can possibly play guitar, and live with more ease and comfort. This is one of the things I am doing with the help of a teacher in AT lessons.

In lessons, we go through the movement of standing to sitting and back to standing. When I do this, I am being aware of myself, my head, neck and eyes, my arms, shoulders chest and back, my hips, legs knees and feet. I am trying to be aware of how they are all working together, or not working together. My teacher is using her hands to help guide me through this movement and to recognize where I am holding, and how to have greater length. Even though this seems like a really simple movement, there's a lot going on, and I've learned a lot about habits I have, how I hold myself and how I move, which have probably contributed to my injuries. 

In one lesson I was holding my guitar with my hands by my side, I lifted and extended my left arm, and then brought it towards the neck of the guitar. The second I brought my hand towards the guitar my neck contracted. When my neck contracts this affects muscles in my back, shoulders, arms and fingers. If that is happening when I am not even playing, what's going on when I am playing? 

AT is about studying habits that I have developed in my life. Habits that have come out of reactions to different situations. Whether it's playing guitar, or doing something unrelated to music, I am learning that I am holding on to a lot, and AT is helping me to recognize that, and to let it go without judgement."

-Erik Gundersen