The Alexander Technique is an educational approach to all movement and function. Using principles that embody a set of values for living, you can learn to suspend ideas of right and wrong to create space to recognize your unique patterns of moving and thinking. Posture is movement. Good posture is an ability to think in activity and be present in the process of living.

As an Alexander Technique teacher, I use gentle hands-on and verbal guidance in a supportive environment, offering time and space for you to learn, explore and grow awareness of your unique patterns and habits. This process of growing conscious awareness provides a framework for building a foundation from which you can learn to trust in your inherent postural support system and mind-body unity to experience sustainable ease, health and joy in living.

Learning is a state of mind. Alexander Technique lessons offer an opportunity to learn your unique process of learning, empowering you to choose how you react to and interact with your environment, and create processes for addressing imbalances as they may arise.

Benefits of Lessons in the Alexander Technique include:

  • Calming the nervous system

  • Stress management

  • Pain relief and prevention

  • Improved functioning of internal organs and breathing

  • Improved balance, flexibility and postural strength

  • Feeling grounded and confident

  • Improved mindfulness in everyday activities

  • Improved use of our primary instrument (ourself!) to support the development of a skill, such as playing a musical instrument, dancing, acting, etc.